Fall Family Festival At Funny Farm Rescue & Sanctuary

The volunteers at Funny Farm Rescue & Sanctuary are dedicated to giving their animals a wonderful home. Today they hosted a Fall Family Festival, a fun and charitable event to benefit the animals. Everyone was able to meet Funny Farm Rescue’s loving animals. There was pumpkin painting, face painting and unique vendors of all kinds. The animals, most of the 350+ of them who are rescues, were roaming freely and sharing their sanctuary with all animal lovers who attended.

Some, but definitely not all, of the animals I met are captured below in pictures. Click on the pictures to read more about them and like them on Facebook to follow Funny Farm Rescue’s journey!


2 thoughts on “Fall Family Festival At Funny Farm Rescue & Sanctuary

  1. Judy Pacifico

    I have visited Funny Farm several times. It is, by far, the most amazing animal rescue. At least to me. From cats & dogs, pigs, goats, horses, peacocks, emus, chickens, roosters, turkeys, donkeys & so much more. A wonderful place to bring the young ones & the older seniors. By the way, if you can, please bring food or monetary donations. They run only on donations & it is an all volunteer organization. Please visit http://www.funnyfarm.org or go to the Facebook page for more information. Keep up the good work Laurie & crew!



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