Farewell Post: This Is NOT Goodbye!

Hi there! I want to thank all of my local fellow animal lovers who have followed me on this blog journey through my semester. I’ve learned a lot about something I was already passionate about and loved every minute of it, even if some of it was hard to write. I learned about so many important issues in the world for animals such as puppy mills, factory farming and even the bear hunt that hits so close to home. But I also got to write about good news like NJ becoming the first state to ban declawing and rescue stories such as Rocky’s. I was happy to see all of the rescues around my area that I was unaware of. I’ve also learned how truly dedicated people are to saving animals. Once again, rescues do not make ANY money. Everything they do for these animals such as building land for them, treating them and more comes out of their pocket. And I appreciate this as much as the animal they’re saving does.

I want to tell you all that this is not goodbye. The treatment of animals is so important to me and I want to continue spreading awareness and keeping all of you updated and hopefully inspired!


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