Hi! My name is Sarah Hockel and I am a student at Rowan University for writing arts and journalism. This blog is part of a project for one of my classes, but I intend to continue it further.

I created this specific blog for three reasons: I am passionate about animals, I am eager to keep spreading awareness and I am a voice for animals. Animal cruelty is happening in the food industry, laboratories, puppy mills, shelters and even inside of their own homes. They should be treated as equal and with kindness. Just because animals cannot speak does not mean we are entitled to choose a life for them; we should be entitled to give them a life they deserve.

My mission is to inspire people to learn from animals. Take notice of them. They are the most peaceful and loving creatures and as a population, we often act the opposite from that nature. Let’s help them and they will help us.

My header image is a photo that I took of a rescue dog who I fell in love with the moment I met her! She was wandering the streets when she was rescued. During her first two months of rescue, she was near death from a tick-borne disease. After being paired with someone who was patient and dedicated his time to giving Raider a new life, she is now happy, energetic and most importantly, loved.