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Christina Lee Has Something to Say: “Deaf Dogs Rock”

Every dog has their own personality with their own needs. Some dogs wimper when you have to leave the house. Some dogs won’t go outside to pee without you by their side. Some dogs insist on sleeping in bed with you, despite the extra-large dog bed you bought just for them.

Deaf dogs need all of this from their owners and more. Deaf dogs are one of a kind and that calls for a perfect owner who will give them special love and care, which is not easy to find. Born in South Dakota and raised in Nebraska, Christina Lee, founder and blogger of Deaf Dogs Rock, knows this first-hand.


Deaf Dogs Rock’s Transport Vehicle and Lee with a rescue puppy./Photo From Christina Lee

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3 Types of Rescues Every NJ Animal Lover Should Be Familiar With

After educating myself on rescues and sanctuaries, I wanted to try to visit one at least every month. Becoming closer to animals (physically and emotionally) has always been a goal of mine. I’ve always been jealous of the people who live in the states where they are lucky enough to be able to walk outside and spontaneously see wildlife. Don’t get me wrong, I still appreciate our New Jersey squirrels and rabbits and still act like a little girl who wants to keep one as a pet when I see one.

I used to have trouble finding places in New Jersey, but they are here. I made it easier for you animal lovers to browse through and choose where you want to visit first…

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